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The one thing Spendless Academy offers different from all the online training platforms there ever was; the genuinity that comes along with it. If we want to know the top ten strategies of how to market on Facebook, it takes us ten seconds to google and hundreds of articles would appear. To sit in through a course, online or offline, structured content is almost irrelevant without knowing how to apply. And knowing how to apply, is to listen to real experiences from people who actually have applied, tried and tested.

As an entrepeneur, I am all about learning new things everyday. And over the many years, tapping on other people’s experiences shared through story telling makes way more sense than to read textbooks alone.

Imagine if you are about to kick start your first initative of capital raising, you need to first understand how that process even works i.e. how many levels of stages should a business go through before IPO, what other alternative exits are there, where do I find investors, how do I write my first VC Deck etc. Now, you can go on and read or sign up for courses but the value of all that is nothing compared to actually speaking and interacting from another fellow entrepreneur who have gone through that entire process for their business. This particular entrepreneur will tell you how he starts off the process, from finding a legal mandate, what kind of content sells better, and the study of investors profile to match the business, how he handled the rejection, how many doors has he knocked and the questions he got back from investors who are interested. He will go on to tell you his emotions, his struggles, his preparation, his supporting network and how long it took. And you want to know, how much he successfully raised. This entrepreneur does not have to be local because we are a global platform, which means anyone can sign up as a trainer to coach and share experiences anytime.

Who will be coaching on this platform?

They are not necessarily qualified by academic, because we prefer experience above knowledge. You will be accessing live webinars from teachers, mom-preneurs, social media influencers, investors, counsellors, crafters, image consultants, business coach, writers, animated video creators, designers etc. Anyone can be a trainer, as long as they are willing to share their experiences.

The mission to why we built this.

There are many courses available to learn, as as well as written articles with useful tips for an individual to learn and apply in business. Unfortunately, there isn’t a platform that showcase experience sharing which is what we are trying to bring forward. If someone is starting a business from home, or penetrating a new market, or trying to understand the incorporation of a business – they will need more than structured content. They need to learn from someone who is an expert in that field, or someone who has been there or done that. They will need to hear advice & knowledge from real accountants, mompreneurs, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc.

The kind of courses we put out.

Here are some of the kind of course listings, you can expect to find to understand more:

• Challenges of a Mompreneur – Juggling career & motherhood

• Coordinating and Running your first Gig in Kuala Lumpur

• How to land a speaking gig?

• How to build a highly engaging network online?

• Can a business run without employees? How do you outsource?

• Case Study discussion – Top 10 female entrepreneurs and what made them successful.

• How social work can benefit your business in the long run?

• How to present well in a meeting, or presentation?

• How to practice the projection of voice?

• Writing SOPs for your business.

• Writing your first publication.

• How to incorporate your company in Australia?

• The right approach to contact social media influencers?

• Writing your first VC Pitch Deck.

• Self manage your stress.

Real people, real experiences in real time.

The best part of it, its LIVE. That would mean, the participant can ask questions at the end of every webinar to get their doubts clarified – on the spot. They can also connect after the webinar with the trainer direct. At the end of every webinar, the participant can review and rate in exchange for reward points (to claim discount off products) and automatically download his/her certificate of completion.

Technology Aspect

Our platform going live in June 2018, will be able to do the following on automation:

• Sign up trainers, allow them to list and upload information of their webinars, schedule single or multiple dates, set reminders to remind them of their courses, view manifest of participants and automatically pays them the remuneration once the webinar is completed.

• Sign up users who can choose from subscribing monthly for unlimited access, or trial account to access 1 webinar monthly. User can log on, view past, and future webinars and download certificates of completion.

• Create accounts for corporate companies, or universities to grant them multiple licensing for their users. i.e. We create an account for University A who then will be trained to create individual password accounts for 1000 users among their students and staff.

• Any webinar with less than 20 attendees, will be auto cancelled, notified and refunded. For the benefit of time investment, only webinar with more than 20 participants will sign up. There is no maximum number of sign ups per webinars.

• Download reports, payment summary, activity of all users etc.

Marketing Plans

• Giveaways of iPads, Phones, Notebooks monthly through online campaign to attract user sign up on paid subscription.

• Giveaways of Planners, Stationery weekly through online campaigns to attract free users, to built the database.

• Connecting universities and start ups companies to sell per user licensing, for their employees and students at massive discount off standard retail subscription fees. Adding value to the universities with 1 day workshop and introduction talk of the platform.

• Monthly events run by our partners, in multiple countries, as panel discussion inviting local speakers and trainers.

We are ready to execute this.

We have a ready network of 50,000 users this Quarter 2/3 with our connection with the universities, 20,000 network from our other companies i.e. Bebebargains and SC Beauty Network. Up to date, we have 600+ webinars listed from 29 trainers in South East Asia.

Angel Investment Opportunities: For those who believe in educating the world, we welcome you as our shareholder to succeed with us in this global phenomenon. Sign up here.

How will your funds help us at seed stage?

• Marketing Campaigns to win trainers globally. We will run this campaign online, offline through our partners, offline formal approach to training companies and tapping on other network with ready trainers.

• Your funds will be used to remunerate our trainers for the webinars for the first 3 months while we scale the numbers in users.

• We have already fully self funded Phase 1 of the platform. Hence your funds will not be used for further development, but for security and maintenance monthly.

• Minority of the funds will be used to bear the costs, flights and travels of the team when running events where necessary. As much as possible, we have partners to run locally but as CEO, I shall need to fly to ensure the events are run well for the first few times.

We are excited for the future.

The company will go ahead for institutional funding in Quarter 1, 2019 to raise USD 5 million to scale. This can be achieved when we have successfully cover a network of 100,000+ users by end of 2018 and with an attractive webinar listing of more than 10,000 courses from experts worldwide. We aim to have our company evaluated up to USD 50 million with support from our Legal Mandate. This will take the company through to IPO in 2021.


Fortis Law Firm is our corporate lawyer and legal mandate, represented by Vanessa Ng. Our lawyers will be following up with the agreement based on your interest to issue a credit loan or trade equity.

Soft Launch, May 2018, Singapore

We’ve kicked off our soft launch hosted by supporting partner, SP Jain School of Global Management on 5th May, 2018 in Singapore. During this day, we ran two panel discussions with our speakers & trainers, CEO of SP Jain Dr Fong shared his experiences in life and career, and we published our first publication entitled “Welcome to the World of Knowledge.” Download pictures here. Download the book here.

Be a part of something phenomenal, to create impact in the lives of others.

Your knowledge and experience are valuable, to someone out there who needs a guiding light when they are lost in whatever journey life takes us all. Share that with thousands of others, globally and live a life to impact and inspire. Join us.

“There is no greater feeling in this world than the feeling of leaving a long lasting impact on someone else’s life. Feel important because you are.” – Leza Parker

In 2013, I was awarded the Youngest Business Guru in Singapore at the age 28. Read here.

Follow me on Youtube and my business blog. Over the many years, I’ve helped businesses grow and raised funding, invested and exited a few, and built my own tech start ups. Feel free to contact me if you need any help for your business.

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