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People always talk about being consistent but what does that really mean? Just consistent in frequency, type or size of content, or consistent in replies and leads follow ups? How frequent should a person post? Does network really fall apart after a period of silence and how long is this period? Here are some questions, you might have when you have thoughts to start investing in your personal brand.

Focusing more on Online Branding

Online Branding is different that offline branding. Your frequency and content of posts cannot entirely be planned prior. The decision to post again is subject to these factors:

  1. The reactions from your last post.
  2. The people that react from your last post.
  3. The trending posts of other people surrounding you.

Unlike a physical brand, you naturally hate it when they keep appearing knowing their advertisement is meant to convince you to eventually buy something. If someone comes to my door to sell me things everyday, I will most likely try opening my door again. The frequency of appearing more in this case, is a turn off more than winning.

Be aware 

But knowing when to be super active on Linkedin is to be fully aware of people and their activities. You need to alter and adapt to the activeness of people around you. Just imagine entering a room of people – you can analyse what makes people tick, what topics are trending in discussion, who is active in engagement and more. It’s the same in virtual communities.

What does this mean?
Reactions from your last posts tells you whether a network has started lingering. 

There are reasons why I post more than once a day! When I realized my earlier post/story has won a crowd over, it makes sense to release a second post that’s subtlely selling. You want to attract the right crowd by resonating a story (because we know selling posts are ignored by people) so when the crowd comes, then it make sense to sell or promote your services. You can tell when the crowd is here because you can see them – from their active comments, sharing and reactions. If you wait two more days to post again, the crowd would have died by then. You’d wasted the chance to promote your services.

“Leza, I consistently check my post twice a day, at this time and time.” 

Branding is time investment that eventually needs to count for something, i.e. sales, leads, appointments, collaborations etc. Depends on what you seek. You want to eventually get returns on that time investments. Hence, when you put out a post that won an active crowd – you know, your potential clients, leads, or partners are probably some of those who got connected to your posts. They probably liked it, shared it or commented on it.

You want to reach out to them, while they still remember your posts. (which they just reacted to)

So when you are posting, and people are commenting or reacting actively – that means they’ve enabled your posts to tap onto their network. Algorithms work such that; the higher the engagement of a post, the post reappears and gets bumped up again and so it gets trending for a long time. Your reply to people’s comments encourage engagement on the post. Through back & forth comment and reply, this opens door for communication and opening line to discuss further. That is the power of comment.

And spend some time analysing who commented on your posts, look at their designation and keep an eye on their profile for future synergy. It’s not about having thousands of comments, but quality ones. If you see people who commented matched your client profile, then you know your content is focused on the right target audience. Otherwise look into tweaking.

Be creative with original content.

I know we need to come up with original content but no one is interested about a fresh new topic when everyone is talking about something else. You need to cleverly tie a link to what’s trending now to content of your own business.

Current analysis: People are currently talking about the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg speech at a recent conference. You, on the other hand, is a personal leadership coach.

Your content could start off like this…

“With the buzz recently on Sheryl Sandberg’s speech at Business Conference 2019, it intrigues me to know more of her background and what her role is. I studied the rise of her career and worked some of the attributes that contributed to her success today as the COO of Facebook, author and an inspirational figure. Not to mention, a billionaire.

These key traits include being self aware, passion for people and having a mindset that is open to continuous learning. From the many years as coach myself, I have educated corporate leaders in adopting this mindset so they can develop great leadership traits.

That way, they can bring out the best in themselves and the team around them striving for excellence and long term success. What are some of the key traits you feel a women leader should have? Happy to hear thoughts, do comment below.”

From your content, you brought the active people on Linkedin through a common topic they are already talking about.
From your content, they can tell what you do and how many years of experience you carry.
From your content, you’ve encouraged people to comment and be active on your post.

And trust me, there after you will get the engagement you seek, from the right people you need.

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