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Just because someone does not quit, does not mean they have never thought of quitting. It its, after all, seemed like the easiest option. Everyone wants to do amazing things, but when the going gets tough – people give up and easily succumb to the life before that. Which is why 95% of the people, who chase for their dreams never got around to achieving them.

Success never comes easy.

The road to achieve success and amazing accomplishments is never smooth. If I could try to explain it best, it’s a road full of challenges, hurdles and obstacles – almost uncertain if there ever is a light at the end of the tunnel. This very road, had thorns along its path and each fall gets more painful than the one before. For many times, you will get to a dead end and see yourself trying to find your way back to the main track again – this time in darkness. Mentally, you are already broken, Physically, you are weary. Emotionally – you have gone from being disappointed repeatedly to being immune.

Quitting is something I think about almost every other day.

Especially during the years when I just turned bankrupt in 2015, it was already hard enough that I’ve shut down four of my offices, streamlined and let go all 19 employees, and suffered major losses with loss of revenue, deposits, investments in marketing and project etc. When I had to move out of my last premise, I can’t find the courage to tear the equipment and furniture that I had to asked my parents to organize movers and organize on my behalf. It was a painful journey since the downfall of the business, when the losses grow each day and I get more stressed wondering how I would ever recover.

Sometimes the heartbreak can be painful because of the sacrifices you’ve done for the business to get to where it is. People who work for you, might leave the company moving on to their career whereas often, you are left alone with a ton of work to do and worse of all, messes to clean up. I’ve gone through defamation for months when I hit bankruptcy, where people speculated and created rumours to ensure I am less appealing to investors to recover. This makes it harder for me, waking up to thousands of negativity and mockery of people every single day for months on end. I’ve had days with less than $10 in my bank account, worrying about what to feed my children. I’ve stretched all possible credit terms to ensure a home, and keep up with services my business needs. I’ve lost my home, moved countries, downgrade my lifestyle, reduced my expenses and live on budget.

The line gets thinner.

And when the line gets thin, your mind starts to question your every decision that leads you here – broke, desperate and nowhere near success. You start to wonder if it’s even worth it to pursue on, or you should be giving up on this dreams that has drained your best qualities. Maybe this is not for you, maybe you should be doing something else. Maybe you are just not meant to be successful. Whatever it is, you get more desperate to earn and survive, before you plan again to be successful. You get stressed, your mind gets clouded with negative thoughts and you become restless to sleep at night trying to still find a purpose to be positive the next morning.

Each time I am close to giving up, this is what I tell myself.

“Just one more day.”
When it seems like I’ve hit rock bottom, suffered immense disappointment and lost all hope, the one thing I said to myself to keep me going again is “Just one more day.” And maybe tomorrow will show me a different light, a different pathway, I might meet a person or learn new information that will pull me back in my success path to pursue my dreams again.

And when you hold on, you will be surprised the unexpected things that will cross your path. Someone you will meet, or someone will say something, or something will happen that is the exact solution to your problem – that change the game back into gear 4.

Spendless Cosmetics

When I started Spendless Cosmetics, I was at home alone trying to recover from bankruptcy. I had lost one of my home, drained my bank account, streamlined my office, and thought this is the end of entrepreneurship for me. I had just spent three years before that sacrificing my time with family, and working day in day out to eventually create jobs, expand offices and raise investment. And to lose all I’ve earned, I almost wanted to lose hope.

It was 18 months after that, in April 2016 that I met a stranger who eventually funded that company. Spendless Cosmetics is now available in 14 countries, with over 20,000 women worldwide who we are empowering every single day. I was with no pay, trying to build a tech platform that allows anyone to become a reseller without leaving home. He went on to fund us our first half million capital injection, that allowed us to be a global company we are today – rapidly expanding and investing in other businesses since. I’ve gone back to hiring experts on the team, and feel more motivated to chase my dreams again.

I can’t help but imagined what if I had given up, after all, I’ve lost everything I’ve built so I might never be able to recover on my own. But now, looking back, I am so pleased I didn’t and I remembered that though I tried to stay strong on most days during bankruptcy – I had to tell myself repeatedly “Just one more day.”

I met many people who have shared their experiences with me, and those experiences directly impacted my businesses. I’ve learnt from their experiences and applied in my company – and as a result, we achieve more success year after year. I’ve summarise this in a article I recently wrote; How three people sub-consciously mentored me?

You never really know how close you are to succeeding.

People attain success in many different ways. Some people raised capital funding, and went on to build a company. Some people build their company first, before they started looking for funding. Regardless, the path way to success is never the same for everyone even if their ideas are similar. So no matter how far long you get, you cannot tell how much further it is to go. But one thing for sure, if you had given up – you are guaranteed of failure.

Tomorrow might be tough.

The road to success will continue to test you, yet at the same time it builds your character and groom you to face bigger challenges in time. Regardless, success truly finds the people who’ve never given up. Despite the adversities, despite the heartbreaks, despite the monetary losses, despite the sacrifices, despite the disappointments – one after another. And that will mentally drained you more than physical or emotional, but just do me a favour.

Push on. If the future seemed scarier than before, harder than you think your soul and mind can bear, then take a day at a time. Worry about make the best of today, and worry about tomorrow only when you start the next morning. If you have thoughts of giving up today, just tell this when you end the night:

“Just one more day.”
Be surprised where tomorrow might take you.

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4 thoughts on ““Just one more day”

  1. # Inspiration#Motivation. Thank you Leza for sharing your experiences with us. I am also trying to rebuild my life one day at a time though life’s challenges don’t make it easy. #Just one more day

    1. I am sure it’s not easy, but I hope you see those challenges as opportunities to grow and with that wisdom you will eventually rise from adversities. My best wishes to you.

  2. Hi..your journey and article is inspiring. I am handling a business as GM and working with company for seven years and with my boss for 16 years ..we are going through tough phase, degrowth..trying to hold the, customers..hoping to find a success next day..will love to hear from you

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