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I am very much aware of the many things that is happening around me. One of the important traits to be successful, is to understand the behaviour of people around us.

And as we grow up, and go through the different struggles in life – that wisdom we gained is not only supposed to make us capable of going through life better, but also making us more sensible to other people around us who are not at their best stage in life.

Here are some of things I discovered of our community:

In this community we live in – we prefer to hate than to give a chance to know somebody. In this community, we pass judgements too quickly forgetting as a human, we do not differ from making mistakes ourselves. In this community, we think we have the rights to change courses, instead of letting things flow its natural path.In this community, we welcome negativity openly rather than the positive vibes. In this community, people feel they have the rights to speak their minds but condemn when other people do the same. In this community, as fellow humankind, we would not even give someone a chance to change. We rather uncover someone’s history to make a mockery of, when we do not have one that is perfect and pleasing ourselves.

In this community, we go to extents to find flaws in people we do not know, and find gratification to hope the person crumble beneath our crude words. We rather spend our time pulling down someone else, instead of concentrating to lift ourselves up. We selfishly seize opportunities to get attention at the expense of someone else’s name as the black sheep. We would go all out, and do anything to add fire to fire than to reflect upon our actions for the day on what our character has made us become. We go around cursing with a light mouth yet we know, we can’t accept if someone did the same back to us. In this community, we find people’s soft spots to kill them slowly, instead of being compassionate and kind. We believe strangers we connect on social media more than our own kin. We allow our minds to think badly of someone first before we allow sight of their good nature. In this community, we believe only what we want to believe even when the content is far from the truth.

Sometimes, I don’t know how to start explaining to my children of this very community that we live in. That when we no longer practice sensibility among our own, we will only build relationships on hatred, jealousy and with no genuinity.

So I ask you to please spare thoughts for people who are not at the best stage of their life. Life is a wheel, and it’s already hard living through day to day trying to make ends meet – let alone finding happiness and sustaining relationships. Sometimes we win being at the top of the wheel but sometimes we sit at the bottom of the wheel, praying it turns us back up soon enough.

We don’t have to go through what people go through, to understand their pain. We do not need to entirely understand even their circumstance is as it is or judging them for the decisions they made in their lives. We can offer help, if we can and if we want to – but still be sensible to their mistakes, their struggles and their hardships.

Because everyone is fighting battles you don’t know about.
So, be kind. Practise sensibility.

And never use someone’s history back against them, because even if history does not change – remember, people do.

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