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For the last six months at least, we’ve been discussing on Bebebargains and its potential growth as it goes live into more than 17 countries, globally. As ambitious as it seemed, we are dedicated to connect tens of thousands of mothers worldwide on our app – a baby goods marketplace. This is the first in the world, to capture this niche market and launch in more than 2 countries.

The launch of Bebebargains – what is it really?

Bebebargains is a baby goods marketplace that allows a seller (mothers) to list brand new or used baby goods to sell to other mothers, all around the world. You can even list to donate (free) or barter trade if you are open to exchange for other baby goods. Official website: www.bebebargains.com

Why we think this is going to grow massively?

Zero listing fee. No charges to list unlimited number of products.
Zero transaction fees. Connect with the buyers directly, and agree on the price without worrying about any commission to us.
Easy to use – simply download the app, log on via your Facebook account and start shopping, browsing or listing.
Chat privately on the app, without revealing your contact information.
View products from more than 17 countries, and connect with hundreds of thousands of potential buyers and sellers.

Meet Mexes, Managing Director for Bebebargains Malaysia

We are excited for the growth of Bebebargains under the leadership and guidance of Mexes. Together we aim to grow and engage a large community of mothers, in Malaysia and to support many businesses catering to the needs of mothers. We sat down with Mexes recently, and asked him what are his plans.

Question: Why do you think BB will thrive in Malaysia? What is the objective of BB?

Ans: BB has so much potential especially when it comes to building a community builder and more importantly it is a highly scalable model. The objective of BB is to be the leading motherhood platform connecting moms from across the world to support and share knowledge and information with each other.

Question: What are some exciting activities or events we can expect from BB Malaysia in the next few months?

Ans: You can expect activities and events such as our Mompreneurship programme that focus on helping stay-at-home mom or single parent to learn & sell on BB marketplace to earn extra income. We will also inviting speakers from various fields (e.g. motivational, professional, digital marketing guru etc) to come share their knowledge with our BB community. There will be fun workshops such as breastfeeding, antenatal, parenting talk for mothers to connect and learn. Look forward for these events by early next year.

Question: How does BB help a local business owner or entrepreneur grow their business?

Ans: BB will be helping local business owner and entrepreneur in targeting the right market & audience. This will definitely be an added value to many business owners especially for those looking for higher conversion rate compare to other platform. Our marketing packages will help them win in sales and brand awareness.

Question: Why would BB be the best option among all other local competitors in the baby goods marketplace space?

Ans: Through our multiple initiative to support & build a strong motherhood community and more importantly we integrated an active forum where sharing of knowledge and experience about motherhood and parenting challenges can be found easily. On top of that, mothers can also benefit from BB. If you have products you no longer need, then you can simply sell it on our marketplace to promote reuse and recycling to give second hand goods a new home. And that is how we truly position ourselves in this baby goods marketplace.

Question: What kind of collaborations is BB looking for to grow further?

Ans: We are definitely looking forward to collaborate with other organisations such as Lean In Malaysia (NGO), Fulfillment Centre, Ministry of Women, Family & Community, and many more. We would love to work with more associations to win together.

Question: Can anyone invest in Bebebargains Sdn Bhd?

Ans: Yes, Bebebargains Sdn Bhd is currently open for angel investment and invite shareholders to meet us to find out more about our business. We have an upcoming presentation open to any potential investor here. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or via email to find out more: mexes@bebebargains.com.

Bebebargains is a concept developed in September 2017. It went on to raise capital at pre-seed at an USD 2 million evaluation in October 2017. The mobile app is anticipated to go live, this September 2018 into 17 countries including Singapore, USA, Malaysia, UK, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Tanzania, Kenya, Canada, Netherlands, Colombia etc. Since it offers 100% free listing and no transaction fees, #BB is expected to scale to more than 60 million users by 2021 penetrating in more than 60 international markets.

Invest : To find out more in investing BB global company, reach out to us here.

Franchising Opportunities with Bebebargains

We are looking for entrepreneurial and passionate team members, to be our representative and managing partner. Our technology can scale to any country in the world, find out more how to be our exclusive partner and earn with us here.

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