October 1, 2018 Leza Klenk

It was a Friday last 13th July, and I had agreed to mentor some students who flew all the way in from Australia with Austern International. I had connected with the founder of Austern, Lily Wu, and we shared a great time in Sydney when we caught up for coffee and cakes sometime last April. She did mentioned, about this event in July and I was – as always – ready to participate and support her. About Austern International Austern International provides 3 week career bootcamps that aim to build millennials to become future leaders of the workforce. Participants experience…

September 30, 2018 Leza Klenk

It’s a pleasure to speak at this event, here is a video put together by the organiser, Vishwesh Iyer. It has a short snippet of my speech. Thanks for having me, Women Icons! https://youtu.be/ca9ldepDrP0