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Tell us a bit more about you.

I developed my passion in baking at a young age while helping my mum prepare delicacies and cakes during the festive seasons. I started baking part-time and took orders from family members and close friends. After 16 years of being employed, I left the workforce to look after my only daughter who had just entered primary school then. I also took the opportunity to develop my skill in baking by enrolling into various baking classes, as well as going overseas to expand my knowledge and expertise.


Tell us more about your business, and who are your target audience?

My passion in baking lead me to move a step higher….sharing knowledge by conducting baking workshops to working adults, housewives and even students. After graduating from AMP Micro Business Programme, I went to attain accreditation in training and is now giving back to the community by coaching new participants of the Micro Business Programme and providing order referrals to my trainess, while empowering others to achieve their own goals.

What inspire you to bake and start a baking business?

Whenever I see other people‰Ûªs bake, I get inspired. If they can bake so can I. I started selling cookies for festive seasons. When customers complimented on my bakes, it inspired me to give them more. After 10 years of doing baking and conducting baking workshops from home, i decided.

What are some of the struggles you face while running a baking business?

My struggles…

1) Pricing – I used good quality ingredients thus i priced my bakes higher than other bakers.

2) Too many bakers – I feel that there are too many bakers and this could lead tonprice war. I personally don‰Ûªt believe in price war.

3) Spy – While conducting baking workshops, I had spy coming over to learn and share recipes.

What are some negative things people say about your business, and how did you overcome that?

People said that my workshops are highly priced. But ironically, once they attend my workshop, they will be back for more coz I teach from the heart and that is my strength.

What are your baking speciality?

Layer cakes aka kek lapis. I hv over 30 different types of lapis (layer cakes)

What is your advice to other bakers out there when starting their own business?

Be honest, bake/teach from the heart coz it will show in the end products.

Where can our audience find you?

Email –

Website –

IG – lydias.oven

FB –


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