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Tell us a bit more about you.

Hi..I’m known as Gihan I graduated from Sunrice Global Chef Academy. My passion is baking and pastry. I’m now a baker, with 5 years experience. I’ve gone thru internship at SATS , with 1 year experience.

Tell us more about your business, and who are your target audience?

I do online bussiness. Cookies n local Malay kuihs n cakes. I take orders not only on festive season. My target audience can be young and old.

What inspire you to bake and start a baking business?

What inspired me was,when I started baking for my 1year old daughter’s birthday cake. That was in 1985, since then I started learning and most of my gurus are well known. From cookies,cakes traditional Malay Kuihs a and wedding cakes. Mostly I will bake n give away to Masjid or religious class when I practice new recipes. Mouth to mouth are most of my customers.

What are some of the struggles you face while running a baking business?

Not much of a struggle, only I’m a one man show..

What are some negative things people say about your business, and how did you overcome that?

I received comments bout my products, n I accepted it positively n keep improvising them.

What are your baking speciality?

I’m a new baker ..I bake breads most of my time.

What is your advice to other bakers out there when starting their own business?

Stay positive and don’t be afraid to launch your passion.

Where can our audience find you?


Instagram: Halwa_sweets

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