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Tell us a bit more about you.

I am a Pastry Chef/Instructor and have been baking for the past 28 years. It started off as a hobby, as I was very much influenced by my mum when I was young. She loves to bake & cooks, and she frequently attends baking and cooking classes from the Community Centres.

After more than 10 years of self learning and experimentations, I decided to take up formal courses; in order to be able to impart my knowledge to my learners. The journey hence forth was very enriching and eye opening. It had brought me to many places along my learning curve to places like Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Bangkok and even Korea; the journey has since never stopped. It had pushed me forward and making me want to advance further; to gain more knowledge to enrich myself in order to share with with my learners.

Tell us more about your business, and who are your target audience?

Moments is a relatively new venture that I had been wanting to launch a few years back; but had never been able to do so because of “commitment”. The time was finally right I guessed and it just catapulted off early this year and we are seriously in the midst of positioning ourselves. We strategically positioned ourselves as a event planner, because my partner and myself; we bake, we teach and we are able to plan & present – Dessert Tables for Baby’s Full Month, Birthdays, Weddings, Office Parties, Product Launch etc. Our target audience would particularly be – anyone who loves or wants a table of sweets to brighten up that particular ‘Moment’ of their life/event.

What inspire you to bake and start a baking business?

My mum is my strongest inspiration to spark me off but it was also the hunger for knowledge that really triggered me of on the baking journey. The business part simply rolls out very automatically as the pathway unfolds before me.

What are some of the struggles you face while running a baking business?

The struggles here in Singapore are space and rental. The rent here in Singapore is very high, so much so that, the major part of what you earned goes back into paying rent. In running a business, there are also many things to consider; where to get your customers, how to position yourselves to get your target audience; what price range do u want to charge; etc.

What are some negative things people say about your business, and how did you overcome that?

Customers may usually comment that you are charging too much, but do not forget that every single dessert table is thematically customised. We first require to understand what are the needs of client. Subsequently, we have to go back to the drawing board to start designing the entire scene and display of the whole table with the backdrop. Then we need to come up with the menu of the sweets that we have to match with the theme of the party. Every single detail is not spared. All these requires time and effort in planning and actual setting up. It’s not just the baking part and presenting the bakes.

What are your baking speciality?

Our specialty is entremet/petite fours but we do everything that you may request.

What is your advice to other bakers out there when starting their own business?

Always challenge yourselves to do things that you are less frequently doing or have never tried. Be constantly hunger for new and challenging knowledge.

Where can our audience find you?,

Instagram – Moments

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