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Tell us a bit more about you.

A mother of two primary school boys. A registered nurse by training and experience includes working in Cardiovascular Medicine wards, School Nurse in International School and Outdoor Nurse Practitioner with Outward Bound Singapore. Always seeking to explore my other talents and potential in business.

Tell us more about your business, and who are your target audience?

For Goodness Bake aims to provide quality halal home baked products to the community. Also aims to extend affordable small group and personal baking classes to other SAHM and women from low income family to allow them to use their baking skills to earn income from home or supplement their income.

What inspire you to bake and start a baking business?

Was going through a period of depression after my second miscarriage. Many couldn’t understand why I was in that state as I already had 2 healthy boys. I couldn’t understand myself too at that point. Was given long leave from work by my doctor which sometimes made me feel worse when being alone. Wanted to distract myself and was simply searching for what makes me truly happy. Signed up for Bread Making class which runs over five weeks for that module and I discovered I love everything about baking. The process, waiting for the outcome, the success when all my bakes turned out well at home and in class, and most of all, the smiles I see on my family’s faces when they ate my bakes. The encouragement and support I received from family and friends requesting for my bakes were overwhelming. Since that day, I knew, this is what that keeps me happy despite the crazy hours in the kitchen (sometimes for more than 12 hours). The sense of satisfaction came from making people happy with the food I served.

What are some of the struggles you face while running a baking business?

A few months into the business, the demand for my bakes grew and my baking equipment couldn’t support the demand. I didn’t have the money to buy new ones. I have to make do with what I have that took me longer to process my orders. The long hours at times took a toll on my ankle and feet causing alot of pain and sometimes swelling. However, I am blessed with strong support system from my family and friends, ex-bosses and ex-colleagues. They help me with volunteering their time when I have booths or events, my aunt and mum bought me new baking equipments for me to use and their undying support in purchasing my bakes have been tremendous.

What are some negative things people say about your business, and how did you overcome that?

I do receive one or two feedback where customers felt that my bakes they have orders were not to their liking. I overcome the issues by listening and asking more questions to find out what really about my bakes or services they were not fully satisfied with. When I realised it was just some personal preference instead of a real quality or poor service issues, I just take it with a pinch of salt, apologize for not being able meet their expectations, thank them for their feedback and move on. Cause I believe, in any business, we can’t please everyone. But I take pride in making sure my loyal customers stay happy with my bakes and services.

What are your baking speciality?

Bread and buns and pastry which includes karipap Bhai, macarons, choux pastry and baked mooncake.

What is your advice to other bakers out there when starting their own business?

It is ok to start small. But continue picking up skills from those who have made their mark. Stop procrastinating an just do it and never fear failing cause failure is your best teacher.

Where can our audience find you?



Instagram: @forgoodnessbake.instagram

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