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Tell us a bit more about you.

Currently I am a full-time employee with MNC company dealing with formate drilling, engineering and recycling services. Being an assistance to my fellow director and business manager is a challenging career for me. And what makes it tougher is that we are belong to Sales department whereby we have targets to achieve yearly. We bid tenders to all our potential clients to secure the project. Therefore, working in this field is always full of stress and excitement.

As to beat all the stress level down, I started to pick up baking lessons to ease my mind and to have a balance in life. And that’s when all this started. Learning some of the baking tips from Chef Mastura during the lesson, somehow it makes my interest grows intensely. And also started to read more about baking online. After attending few of her courses, I decided to whip up whichever recipes excites me or upon someone’s request. So, every weekend, I started to bake for pleasure especially for my partner who really enjoys my bakes! And till today, he always encourages me to continue baking since it is one of my passions. And apart from this, cooking is my passion too!

Tell us more about your business, and who are your target audience?

My business is a home based and fully depending on the social networking platforms; Instagram and Facebook. In this modern year, everyone is so engaged with especially IG and FB despite of all ages. No doubt mostly my customers are at the age category between 20-40.

What inspire you to bake and start a baking business?

It all started unintentionally. I am myself a food lover who loves to explore all kind of food be it savory or sweets. As such it triggers me to pick up some of the baking techniques so that I could bake and distribute to all my family, my fellow friends and colleagues. I love making people happy thru my cooking or baking. And somehow, one of my close friends started to order one of my favorite bakes, which is Original Fudge Brownies. She specifically told me that my fudge brownies are good to be sell in the market. She even complimented that my brownies tasted more like a bar of chocolates! Ever since, thru word of mouth, my humble business started to grow slowly and gladly to have secure some good regular customers. And of course, with that, I started to bake more recipes to cater more choices for all my lovely customers! Honestly my partner really inspires me to bake till today as he never fail to support and encourage throughout my learning process.

What are some of the struggles you face while running a baking business?

As mentioned, baking is just my sideline business cuz I am a full-time employee. As such I could not commit my time too much on the business except for weekends unless I could leave the office earlier on weekdays. As much as I would love to cater to all my customers’ request, I will need at least 2 days in advance for any orders made so that they could get their orders as per day they request. Unfortunately, I often received requests from overseas customer who wanted to get my brownies on the spot.

What are some negative things people say about your business, and how did you overcome that?

Like I mentioned before, any new customer would feel a bit disappointed as I could not sell off any of my bakes before making any reservation/bookings 2 days in advance. I was even told to have my own shop counter so that they could just drop by anytime to purchase. Nevertheless, I will never fail to explain to them that I still do need my full-time job and this side business is an extra income to support myself. And fortunately, they do understand and willing to support me till today.

What are your baking speciality?

I’m quite good at baking my very own FUDGE BROWNIES.

What is your advice to other bakers out there when starting their own business?

Well as you know my business just started not long ago but I always priorities on the quality of my bakes. But to me the key ingredients to a successful bake are PASSION, SINCERE and LOVE.

Where can our audience find you?

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